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PPA - "Course Not Available"

Do you see this?

"You do not have access to this Lesson as yet. Be patient!"

This can happen for two reasons.

*This lesson is not available to you because it is not the week you are on. It might have come and gone (a past lesson) or...

*You have not reached that week yet (future lesson).

If it is the appropriate lesson for your week, then you have not "completed" a previous lesson. The lessons are available for 1 week, then they become inactive (unless you have the Bundle or Complete Package), when the next week becomes available.


1. When you login and see the "You do not have access to this Lesson as yet. Be Patient!", scroll to the bottom left and click on the "Previous Lesson" link.


2. This takes you back to the previous lesson. Most of the time, this error is because one (or more) of the Previous Lessons have not been "Mark(ed) Complete". If the "Mark Complete" button is showing, make sure to click it on any past lesson you have completed.

3. Click on the "Next Lesson" button to advance to your current week. 

4. Enjoy your current week.