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How to Prepare For & Pass Your Oral Defense Sales

How to Prepare For & Pass Your Oral Defense Jpeg


Dr. Rich ‘pulls back the curtain’ so you can better understand what is expected of you so you can pass your oral defense!

The following is included in this series: what is an oral defense, who are the different stakeholders of oral defense, how to prepare a PowerPoint presentation and yourself for the oral defense, types and examples of faculty questions to expect, guidance on how faculty expect you to answer their questions, and tips & strategies on how to successful pass your oral defense. Enough guidance to take the ‘secrecy’ out of the process.

Every doctoral student needs to know this information!

Lessons Included:

Lesson #1 What is an Oral Defense & Who Are The Stakeholders
Lesson #2 How to Prepare for Your Mindset, Desk, and Setting
Lesson #3 How to Prepare an Oral Defense PowerPoint Presentation
Lesson #4 Type & Samples of Faculty Questions You Can Expect
Lesson #5 Tips on How Faculty Expect You to Answer Questions
Lesson #6 12-Tips on How to Successful Pass Your Oral Defense