Professional Progress Academy provides a worldwide online membership site built on the foundation of enhancing members’ personal and professional philosophies and inspiring members to develop more positive attitudes that will affect their lives on every level. With improved philosophies and increased positive attitudes, their purposeful actions will prove to be even more significant, which will create focused results for the betterment of oneself and for society as a whole.

Professional Progress Academy is an education-focused membership site striving to provide content to serve life-long learners around the world.

Professional Progress Academy leaders believe life-long learners are each on their own journey, continually gaining and refining their knowledge in order to live more productive lives now and in the future. All offerings and programs are created to be relevant to members’ personal and professional interests.


The Triangle of Success guides the shift of the collective conscience of Professional Progress Academy’s members by providing a venue where members learn from experts in a variety of fields, are inspired to improve themselves personally and professionally, and are encouraged to be more community-minded citizens on both the local and global scale. Membership provides for a dynamic and diverse learning environment with an association with others from around the world.

The ultimate objective of Professional Progress Academy members is to increase their knowledge base and broaden their perspectives, thereby allowing them to make wiser decisions and take purposeful action that will result in greater success in every area of their lives. The motto of ‘training for today and educating for tomorrow’ provides guidance to the manner in which content is designed and presented.

Professional Progress Academy’s programs are developed with a focus on taking action, whether it is a call to be more self-reflective or requiring some form of physical application. While much of the content provided will be for informational or educational use, other content will be more inspirational in nature.

Professional Progress Academy

Vision Statement

To be a primary online source of affordable training and educational content where people of from around the world go to enhance their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Mission Statement

To make available to our members high-quality personal and professional improvement training and educational programs that are meaningful and relevant to life-long learners around the world.